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October 9, 2008
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Prom Night ‘Ryden‘  Chapter 9:

BEWARE: Of the band slash! Don‘t like it? Please don‘t read then!!

Where the ghouls wandered and where the spirits sang,
Cold songs of lovesick pasts, ears rang
False pretenses seemed to emerge
With the slightest of adrenaline giving off an urge
To gently touch, reach out, clasp what is near
But you’ve misinterpreted by far, for it is only your fear


Juan played with the cigarette that limply stuck on his lip. He was sitting on the cedar blocks outside of his house. People slowly gathered around into what seemed like a cult, based off of the darkness, and in a way I guess it was.

“Is everyone here?” He looked to Kaatie and she nodded in approval. “Good.” He looked over to his friend Michael and nodded, in response Michael immediately began to speak.

“Albright so I suppose you all know why you are here. We are obviously attempting to do what so many of us have failed to in previous years, but this is one senior expedition we won’t back down from. Now who’s with us?” The followers all dressed in dainty, goth-esque clothes followed in a crowd, silhouetted by dusk, jeers immensely noisy.


“Wait what exactly do you want me to do??” Ryan exclaimed, a bit furious but mostly just confused. He was quite skittish in appearance, as if afraid of the obliterating darkness.

“Relax; I’ll be there with you.” Brendon assured.

“Come on Brendon, it’s not like we can actually pull a prank on Juan at Riserpool Mansion’s Burial Grounds. It’s just not possible…no one has ever actually gone there and made it out a whole night. It’s just…well impossible…”

“Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…my poor adventure-deprived friend. Think of the opportunity, and all the fun we’d have too. Besides we seriously need to get this on video, there’s no way I’m graduating high-school without everyone knowing that Juan is scared shitless of almost anything.”

“I’m pretty sure my screams will overpower his.”

“Don’t tell me you’re that afraid of the mansion.”

“No sweetie, I’m that afraid of your face.” Brendon couldn’t contain his response to Ryan’s corny sarcasm. He immediately grabbed his waist and gave him a pleading kiss which Ryan returned with a moan. He whispered in his ear.

“As long as I’m the only one you’re afraid of.”

Riserpool Mansion’s Burial Grounds was just that; a haunted mansion with a cemetery in the 52 backyard acres. Warning signs reflected the dull lights given off by passing cars. Like any old mansion it creaked in perfect unison with every gust of the wind. Vapid oaks loomed and hovered over anything that passed by, silently clasping the house amongst the shadows. There wasn’t a full moon out, but the skies shifted every now and then, as if preparing for some kind of attack. The cool air felt icy against the flu-bitten noses and sore throats while only distant howling, doorbells and wind chimes in harmony with the wind were heard. To the few cocky-ridden spectators who attempted to spend a night in the mansion, their hearing sensory organs sharpened in-sync with the beat of their hearts as they approached the abandoned building.

Kaatie tugged in protest at Juan’s jacket. “You sure we should do this?”

“Kaatie what the hell do you have to be scared of? We’re spending a night in an inhabited house that’s nothing but talk and nursery rhymes.”

“Then how come no one’s ever done it before?”

“No one had the balls to try!”

“Is this your way of showing you’re not a coward after getting pummeled by Brendon?” Michael smirked at the remark he directed towards Juan, interjecting into his conversation with Kaatie. The truth behind the matter was that the whole school still respected Brendon, sure they made jokes here and there but they had a greater hatred for Juan than disgust for Brendon’s sexuality. None of them had seen Brendon actually kiss a guy, so none of them were completely sure what to think of him. Most people knew all the bullshit Juan constantly started, so when he told everyone that Brendon spent his lunch making out with fags, of course no one really believed him, although it was a good explanation for his strange behavior, and his not caring that Kaatie cheated on him. But then again, the relationship was never that strong to begin with. Juan was the boy who cried wolf, and when he really told the truth, he wasn’t surprised no one believed him. He knew deep down that he was trying to prove to himself that he wasn’t a coward by doing this tonight, but even deeper down his nerves tensed.

“Obviously I don’t need to do that Mikey, Brendon didn’t bother showing up here-he’s the coward.”


“Ready!” Ryan gleamed at Brendon.

“You’ve got all the cameras set up?”


“Hmm, I guess it is possible for someone to pay attention in Mr. Brilogi’s.”

“Everything I needed to know about technology I learned in my freshman year, now I just waste my time drawing hearts around your name.”  Brendon’s motto seemed to be the cornier the better as he swept Ryan up into another kiss, tightening his grip oh his waist and interlacing his other hand with messy, unkempt, chestnut hair.

“You sure you still want to do this?” Brendon offered one last time before gingerly climbing onto the roof trusses.

“And I thought I was the bitch in the relationship.”  Ryan responded turning off the massive flashlights, a hint of anxiety in his voice.


Juan took a deep breath, his hand reaching for the cobwebbed doorknob. The musty smell of the ancient house overpowering everyone’s noses as they entered. It took a while for them to get used to it but soon after it settled in.

“What did I tell you all? Nothing but a joke.” Juan didn’t sound too confident as the overeager seniors spread their sleeping bags over the large floor. Michael pulled out his camcorder.

“We’re live at the scene of the supposed most haunted place in all of history…and upon entering it looks like something from a Disney Movie. Let’s hope that Juan doesn’t pee his pants just yet.” The insulting comment would have resulted into a bloody fist-fight, had not a chandelier fallen from the ceiling to land right in between the two angsty boys.

Excited voices emitted sounds of shock, and no one said a word for at least a minute, although it seemed much longer. Michael pulled out his camcorder again but Juan put an arm on his shoulder and shook his head and the camcorder was safely tucked away. Juan pulled his cell phone out but of course there was no reception, he silently groaned, mentally kicking himself for being so unprepared. Instead he wrote out a message on his cell phone and passed it around for all to see. Eyes widened as slowly the message spread out to everyone;

i want u 2 leave ur
stuff and run as fast as u can
out the main entrance if things
get worse

Everything seemed to settle down after a couple minutes. It was as silent as could be, no vibrations, nothing. Every breath could be heard and only the howling of the wind was the least bit noisy. Juan decided that the chandelier falling was just a coincidence, after all this was a pretty old and abandoned mansion. Under all the weather conditions their town endured the old house must have not taken it so well, especially due to its poor structure. It swayed like the trees in the wind and looked vulnerable to unsustained amounts of pressure, as if it would collapse at any given moment.

Michael pulled out his camcorder again, and this time Juan didn’t stop him.

“So besides the mansion being about a million years old, it seems to be pretty bogus. Nothing going on, and I already think that-” Michael was cut off by the sound of chains dropping and startling protestant shrieks emerging from his classmates; Juan being one of them. He was caught in a cobweb and could feel something crawling over him.

“Agh, everyone get the hell out, this expedition’s over. Run NOW!” Still struggling with the cobweb he realized that everyone had already ran for the door leaving most of their personal belongings in the mansion. They seemed to crowd around the door, the front entrance of the house-possibly the only way out.  Loud bangs and cries filled the room of confusion. They had no light except for their technology (cell phones and mp3’s) and the door wasn’t budging.

“Get out of the way!” The soccer team’s goalie demanded as everyone obeyed and let him kick the door open, but to their surprise the sight outside was even worse than inside. A line of large jack-o’-lanterns lit with bloody candles obstructed their pathway. It was the strangest sight, they seemed to be everywhere. They had these awfully terrifying faces on one side and large X’s engraved on them on the other. The worst part was still yet to come. Whenever you came an inch close to one it would explode, as if the glaring candlelight which proved to be the only thing that enabled their vision wasn’t enough. Like fireworks they went off, but no one seemed to care as they all ran for their lives. Juan was leading this scramble. Bruises and scars were left on many exposed legs and arms, but not nearly worth the sacrifice of what they could’ve endured that night.

Ryan emerged from the shadow over to the broken doorway where he stood with a camera.

“Please tell me you got all that!” Brendon pouted.

“Every last minute. You know I never really knew a human-being could ever hit such a high-note. I mean I’ve watched some of my mom’s horrendous opera concerts and I’ve never heard anything like that.” Brendon wrestled Ryan onto the floor, knowing that Ryan had no idea how much he truly appreciated and loved him.

“So I guess this ol’ place isn’t really haunted.”

“What gave it away, Ryan?” Both boys burst out laughing again.

“Does this mean we have to clean all the pumpkins?”

“First I think we should let the firecrackers burn out.”

“Smart thinking.”


“Juan, wait! We have to go back.”

“Kaatie are you fucking psycho? Do you want to get killed, and then have them never find your body? Seriously, do you know why we ran out of their, screaming our lungs off?”

“Please babe, I need to get my inhaler. I won’t make it back all the way and we can’t use our cell phones till the next street. I had it on me, I swear, I just must’ve dropped it somewhere, please just help me look.” Juan hesitated but soon gave in and headed back towards the mansion which gave him more chills then ever before. Kaatie’s breathing got heavier, and he knew she wouldn’t last long without her medication. Right now, an asthma attack is the last thing he could deal with. How could he explain that he was trespassing on private property, and that’s why his girlfriend almost died?

Kaatie timidly searched over the lawn, remains of the jack-o-lanterns were fresh. Juan noticed something about unusual about them. They seemed to be fireworks. Tiny, exploding rockets. Why would spirits be using fireworks…and how? He heard a giggling sound arouse another voice, although faint, he went to investigate and followed the mansion wall to the back of the house. The darkness camouflaged him well, and Kaatie didn’t seem to notice he was gone. The sight he was staring at fascinated him more than grossing him out and immediately he pulled out his camera and took a picture.

Brendon was lying on top of Ryan in the grass and the two were embracing each other, not caring that they were half-naked on a cold night on private property. At this point Brendon just cared about caressing Ryan’s sweet and soft lips, and embracing his perfect angelic form, every now and them his hand exploring Ryan’s shirt. He felt an immense chill run across his legs, unusually cold but he figured it came with the atmosphere.

Just like that Juan was gone, and for once he had evidence. Maybe someone would believe the boy who cried wolf. They had to.

“Where were you?” Kaatie demanded.

“I got proof!”


“Brendon and Ryan were behind all this, I can’t believe that. There’s nothing here, and for once I’ve got proof of them. Look!” Juan pulled out his camera and pressed the ‘Review Gallery’ button.

“Look at what?” Juan glared at Kaatie, sometimes she could be a complete idiot, he was about to ask her whether her inhaler was working, because she seemed to be delirious, but after he took another look at what he seemed so proud of he realized that his camera read ‘Sim Card Empty’. He couldn’t possibly imagine how this happened. Even if he didn’t take a picture of Brendon and Ryan he knew that his sim card wasn’t empty. He took a random picture with his camera and it seemed to work fine. To his disbelief he walked Kaatie home and let his rage engulf him. His confusion overpowered his thoughts and amongst all the brain-freezes, he came to a conclusion.

Riserpool Mansion’s Burial Grounds... was haunted.
Whew! Finally the longest chapter so far is done. Thanks for everyone's cooperations, and patience! :lol:

Sorry that it took so long and that it sounds rushed...again.

Please give me any critique that you can!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! :)
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You have a wonderful writing way. And you put the words into a smooth pattern.
There are only two problems.
1. Sometimes you have spelling errors (There, their, they're)
SugaBlossom4 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
So, I'd thought I'd leave a message after all the faves your going to get from me. This series is amazing, some of the best fan fiction I have ever read! Your writing is amazing, and I want to read more (and I have A LOT to). Amazing!
Hamburgers-for-Bill Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
:aww: thank-you!

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AubBeast Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008  Hobbyist
Woah...That was cute, scary, and good!! *gives you a gold ribbon*
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Hamburgers-for-Bill Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009
Haha aww thanks...too bad it took me so long to reply to this lol I didn't know you liked Ryden :p
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