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September 8, 2008
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Prom Night ‘Ryden’ Chapter 2

Beware: Band Slash!!! Don’t like it? Please don’t read then!!!

The next day had gone pretty awkward for both boys. They avoided each other more than usual. Brendon had become quieter and everyone had noticed the change in his personality; especially Kaatie.

“Brendon are you okay?” She asked sitting down next to him at lunch.

“I’m fine, quit asking.”

“I called you last night you know?”

“Oh, I guess I didn’t check my phone.”

“Right, like you could just miss 15 messages like that…” She mumbled. Brendon just returned her remark with a confused look.

“Whatever Brendon, I’m sick of this, you’re always keeping things from me.” She got up and stared at him intently, he didn’t even flinch even though Kaatie was causing a scene. Seeing as she was obviously being ignored she screamed ‘We’re over.’ and left. Brendon still didn’t move. His head was in his arms on the table, a horrible migraine was attacking him and he was a complete mess of emotions. He really wasn’t paying much attention to the world around him; nor did he really care.


Ryan’s day had gone much the same way. Except for of course the fact that he didn’t have any friends, or a girlfriend for that matter. No one seemed to notice him getting any more distant from the world than he had been. There was one person though who actually seemed to take the slightest interest in him.

Brendon sat at the back of the room taking full advantage of the new seating chart. All day in English class his focus was only on one person, and that was Ryan. He was sitting in the seat right in front of him which made Brendon feel pretty uncomfortable, but in a good kind of way. He couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of him, outlining his perfectly curvaceous frame, his messy, unkempt hair and his beautiful hands that moved like silky doves across his notebook.

Brendon kept slouching more and more in his chair, hoping to suddenly become invisible, he hoped that nobody was noticing his obvious glaring.


“BRENDON!” The voice called getting ominously louder.


“Because you seem so into today’s lesson, I’d like you to describe to me what paraphrasing is used for during special circumstances.”

“Uhm what?”

“Well I hope you know how to scrape gum from tables after-school, oh and to make it more fun how about Ryan joins you.”

“What, what did I do?” After Ryan’s sudden outburst Brendon turned about a trillion shades of red, and he felt blood rushing to his head. Ryan kind of enjoyed the thought of spending detention with Brendon but his band had finally gotten its first major gig and he needed to be there with them.

“You did nothing Ryan, and that’s exactly the problem.” This shat up Ryan, he knew better than to talk back to Ms. Cancel she had been out to get him since he was a freshman, now here he was 4 years later and she still hated him.


“How does it go boys?”

“Fine…” Ryan responded too annoyed for words.

“Uh…my scraper kind of broke apart…” Brendon mentioned a little surprised.

“There should be another one in the utility closet, second door down the Sophomore Hallway on the left. It should be in a blue drawer. Brendon completely amazed at how Ms. Cancel seemed to know exactly where the scraper was followed her instructions.  He kind of enjoyed walking alone in the hallway, it was peaceful. Something he lacked due to his hectic life. He felt his leg vibrate; it was his phone of course, and a new message from Kaatie. He didn’t bother to read it and turned his cell phone off instead. He realized that he almost missed the room because he was so lost in his thoughts. He smiled a little; his first real meaningful smile in ages, not the fake one that they so often expect the Homecoming King 3 years in a row to have.

Searching the room for a blue drawer he noticed that the room had become darker; the door was swaying shut and blocked out the light, if only there was a light switch. He fumbled around the room feeling for the doorknob, he felt a sigh of relief as the familiar brass touched his epidermis (that’s skin, not any other thing you naughty fanficers are thinking about XD).

He jiggled with the door, turning it this way and that, it just wouldn’t budge. His first reaction was shock of course so he gathered up all his strength and kicked the door; it didn’t even flinch. After a couple of seconds he realized Ms. Cancel would notice he’d been gone a while and come to look for him. He decided to sit down and try to clear his head at the least; this day had gone quite unlike any other. Picking a nice spot on the cold marble floor he felt something pinch his behind. Squirming he turned around and ripped a mouse trapp off his butt. A big moldy-cheese stain covered his jeans now. He sighed again laughing a bit as he did so; it made him feel a bit better, just to laugh and grasp the feel of pure joy rushing through his head.


Several moments later Brendon heard someone pass by the closet and knock on the closet door, from the gracefully slouching shadow he could tell it was Ryan; his heart lept of joy and his palms were sweating waterfalls. The door unlatched and Brendon got up a little embarrassingly hoping that he cleaned his cheese stain completely off in what little light the closet provided.

“Uhm…what are you doing here? Ms. Cancel thought you ditched or something.” Ignoring everything Ryan was saying Brendon rushed to keep the door open but it was too late.

“Ryan! You fucking idiot, the door can only be opened from the outside. What the hell were you thinking, now we’re fucking stuck in here.” Brendon violently kicked a bucket in the corner of the room where a mark appeared because of the blunt force.

Ryan backed into a corner.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t know…I…” Ryan gulped looking a little scared trying to back away more in the corner, unable to. He wished for nothing more than to be anywhere but here. His heart was beating at the speed of light, thundering, and ready to pop out of his chest. He couldn’t tell if it was because he possibly had some intimate feelings for Brendon or if he was just afraid of him, either way his bubbling stomach wasn’t helping much either.

Brendon frantically stomped towards Ryan, nostrils flaring. Ryan’s eyes reflected fear, and who could blame him. Brendon placed his hands on Ryan’s shoulders, but instead of doing something that would raise his reputaion, he did quite the unexpected. He pulled Ryan into a passionate kiss. His hand traveled from Ryan’s shoulder up to his head, he ran his fingers through Ryan’s silky hair. Ryan, although surprised didn’t pull away, he held Brendon by the waist and their bodies grinded against one another. The kiss had left them both craving for oxygen, but nonetheless it was the best kiss of their lives, the way their tongues worked in unison and their graceful movements. For one whole minute; the world had stopped and everything seemed to be completely perfect.

Brendon put his forehead against Ryan’s still out of breath, not moving from their current position.

“What have we done?”
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XxRydenPanicxX Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Awww. Dis be very cute! BRENDON PISSES ME THE FRICK OFF. I WOULD HAVE PUNCHED HIM BY NOW. OML. but. Yeah. I love  it! <3 
iluvgreggsulkin222 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i love this
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well the worlds supposed to end today and what better way to spend it than by reading this!
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wow this is homework can wait 'till homeroom ;)
GabbySevenfoldGates Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
It's 4:00am in the moorning &&& i just keep reading! LOVE IT!
CrazyMCRLover Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011
Very cute! Now I must get some sleep, I'll hafta read the rest later...
mychemicaldisco41 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
not even done reading yet, but i must say; this:

Ryan’s day had gone much the same way. Except for of course the fact that he didn’t have any friends, or a girlfriend for that matter.

Hamburgers-for-Bill Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
Don't worry, it'll be better :D
Dark-Downpour Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
Oh my jesus! I love how you ended it! Wow, I kind of find it beautiful, you know? <3
XpeterpandaX Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
YES!!! oh and totally of the subject of this story do you like tokio hotel i jus figured you did cuz yur icon thingy is bill atleast i think it is
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